Tampnet International Carrier originated fromthe offshore network that Tampnet has developed over the years. The very stringent availability requirements, security requirements and quality of communication offshore have been incorporated into the International Carrier business. Tampnet is currently connecting the offshore fibre network to shore through several direct routes to Europe and the rest of the world. The demanding offshore security requirements means that Tampnet International Carrier can maintain a higher quality on our infrastructure compared to what is offered by our competitors. This has resulted in more available routes in and out of Norway and a robust network that our customers enjoy exclusively.

The high-speed network between Norway and Europe is what makes Tampnet International Carrier unique. We access Europe through two different routes to Great Britain, as well as routes via Stockholm and Denmark. Thus, we can always choose the fastest route for our customers, to ensure that users receive a unique and diverse route in and out of Norway. We therefore deliver diversity by offering two to three routes to the primary locations in Europe with corresponding low latency. Digital content is transmitted more quickly, critical data is better, and our routes have the lowest delay in the entire communications sector in our region. 

Tampnet International Carrier offers DWDM and Ethernet with a capacity from as low as 2 MB/s to Nx100 GB/s between our PoPs  (Point of Presence) Oslo, Stockholm, Stavanger, Aberdeen, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Bergen and Trondheim. The Round-Trip Delay between Oslo and London is at a mere14.6 milliseconds. This means that the data centre industry, media, telecommunications and finance industry specifically select Tampnet and can benefit from our infrastructure as a new gateway between Scandinavia, London, Frankfurt and the rest of the world.  Our goal is to create value for our customers by connecting the offshore network to a robust and reliable land-based network, offering high-capacity and low delay/latency 

Quality at every level penetrates the entire Tampnet organisation. The high level of technical knowledge and expertise we have acquired from the oil and gas sector therefore gives Tampnet International Carrier a distinct edge towards other industries.

​Tampnet International Carrier

Core values

Tampnet International Carrier’s core values describe the attitudes and behavior which shall characterize us – we call it DRIVE!

Disclaimer: Tampnet International Carrier is a fully integrated business unit within the Tampnet Group